Commercial Mold Remediation in Boston, MA: Restoring Clean and Healthy Spaces

commercial mold remediation boston ma before
Mold Infestation Before Remediation

The Mold Challenge at Boylston St, Boston

In a recent undertaking on Boylston St., Boston, MA, we embarked on a multifaceted mission underscoring the significance of commercial mold remediation. At Banner Environmental, we believe that clean and healthy spaces are of utmost importance, be it in your home or business.

This project involved cleaning and treating a brick wall located on the left side of a building, behind the counter, with an anti-microbial disinfectant. We then applied mold-prohibiting primer paint to the infected areas using an airless sprayer, repainted the entire wall, and inspected and added sealant to assess a water infiltration issue. Mold remediation was conducted within a negative air HEPA-filtered workspace, and a one-stage decontamination unit was employed. Our diligent Project Supervisor, Rondolphe Thervil, ensured every step was executed flawlessly.

Commercial Mold Remediation Boston MA - After
After Commercial Mold Remediation in Boston, MA

Our Comprehensive Mold Remediation Services

At Banner Environmental, we take mold remediation seriously. We understand that mold is not only unsightly but also poses health risks and structural damage threats. That’s why we offer a range of professional mold remediation services tailored to your specific needs.

1. Mold Inspection, Testing, and Assessment

Our process begins with thoroughly inspecting the property to identify the type and source of mold growth. If necessary, we conduct air testing to determine the presence of mold spores. This crucial step informs our remediation strategy.

2. Mold Containment

Mold spores can become airborne during removal, potentially spreading the problem. Our expert mold remediation includes isolating contaminated areas before cleaning or removal to prevent further contamination.

3. Mold Cleanup and Air Filtration

The method we use for mold cleaning depends on its location. For mold on non-porous or semi-porous materials, we employ a safe process to prevent spores from being released into the air.

4. Mold Removal or Abatement

The choice between removal and abatement depends on the material on which the mold grows. When mold affects porous materials, removal is typically the preferred course of action.

5. Sanitization

Following the removal of mold-infested materials, we meticulously clean all affected items, including furniture, curtains, floors, walls, and more. This includes deodorization and odor elimination using specialized fogging equipment.

6. Mold Prevention and Structural Repairs

Our dedication doesn’t stop at remediation. During the process, we also identify the source of moisture that led to the mold growth and assess any structural damage that may have occurred.

Commercial Mold Remediation: Ensuring Clean and Safe Environments

Regarding mold remediation in commercial spaces, Banner Environmental is your trusted partner. We bring expertise, experience, and a commitment to restoring clean and healthy environments. For Commercial Mold Remediation in Boston, MA, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us, and let’s create a mold-free and safer workspace together.

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