Julio Savinon, Assistant Operations Manager

julio savinon 2 Julio Savinon, Assistant Operations Manager

Julio Savinon, a dedicated Assistant Operations Manager at Banner Environmental, brings a robust commitment to safety and efficiency to his role, nearing his two-year mark with the company. For Julio, safety isn’t just a protocol—it’s a priority that guides every aspect of his work, ensuring the well-being of workers, clients, and the environment. His drive to perform tasks correctly and timely reflects his deep understanding of the environmental services industry’s demands. Yet, beyond the job’s responsibilities and rigors, it’s the familial atmosphere, and the great people he works with that Julio cherishes the most about Banner Environmental. This sense of belonging and mutual respect among colleagues creates a supportive work environment where everyone thrives.

Challenges are not obstacles for Julio; they are growth opportunities. Embracing difficulties with a positive mindset, Julio sees each day as a chance to personally and professionally evolve. His advice to those embarking on their careers in environmental services echoes his optimistic approach: “Just do your best, enjoy the ride, and have fun.” This mantra, inspired by a friend who saw potential in him a decade ago and encouraged him to pursue his supervisor license, has guided Julio through his journey, fueling his passion and dedication to his work.

Julio’s life outside of Banner is rich with personal accomplishments and aspirations that shape him as a well-rounded individual. His faith is at the core of his identity, having accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, which influences every role he embodies—from his professional duties to being a husband, father, and son. A sports lover, especially basketball, Julio finds joy in dedicating time to his faith, family, congregation, and community. His bucket list reflects his desire for continuous improvement, dreams of providing for his family, and aspirations to explore the world. Grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Banner family. Julio’s journey is a testament to the power of faith, the importance of safety, and the value of a supportive work environment.

Let’s learn more about Julio.

What are your job responsibilities?

First of all SAFETY is my priority for all of us, workers, clients and the environment.
Make sure we perform our job the right way and get it done at the right time.

When did you start working at Banner Environmental Services?


What do you like about Banner Environmental and the Environmental Services Industry?

My favorite aspect is the great people I work with, it really feel like family.

What is your toughest challenge at work?

I really love challenges, that’s what make me grow every day as a person and as a supervisor.

What’s your best career advice?

Just do your best enjoy the ride and have fun.

Who inspires you?

An old friend that saw my potential 10 years ago, he told me to get my supervisor license.

What do most people not know about you?

That I love sports specially basketball.

What do you like to do for fun?

Dedicate time to GOD, family, congregation, community and play basketball.

What’s on your bucket list?

Be better everyday, get my family a house, travel to different countries.

What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside of Banner)?

Having accepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my only savior, that’s what makes me who I am as a person, husband, father, son and every day I do my best in my job for the glory of GOD.

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