Phina Chin, Supervisor

phina chin

Phina Chin stepped into the role of Supervisor at Banner Environmental with a vision and determination that has already begun to leave its mark just two months in. Phina’s responsibilities are pivotal, focusing on ensuring the safety of his team, fostering effective communication among co-workers, completing jobs with precision and timeliness, and reporting back on field activities. At the heart of Phina’s work ethic is a commitment to excellence, leveraging the structured work environment and comprehensive toolset provided by Banner to achieve daily goals. He appreciates the company’s emphasis on creating a supportive and efficient work environment, which he identifies as his favorite aspect of the job. This supportive backdrop makes tackling the challenges of the Environmental Services Industry not just manageable, but also rewarding.

Navigating tight spaces and high-energy tasks with a limited area to maneuver represents the kind of challenge Phina and his team face head-on. His approach to overcoming such obstacles emphasizes teamwork and mutual assistance, showcasing his leadership in ensuring job completion against the odds. Phina’s strategy underscores the importance of collaboration and support among team members, ensuring that no task is too daunting when tackled together. This ethos reflects Phina’s broader perspective on work and life – emphasizing cooperation, patience, and the collective achievement of objectives.

Beyond his professional life, Phina is a man grounded in his roles as a supervisor, son, and father, focusing on fulfilling these roles with dedication and integrity. His leisure activities, such as fishing and spending time in nature, alongside family outings to explore new culinary experiences, reflect a balanced life. Phina’s personal goals include revisiting his homeland, Cambodia, and exploring Thailand, indicating a deep connection to his roots and a desire to explore. Grateful for the stability and motivation his role at Banner has provided, Phina looks forward to contributing to and growing with the company in the long term, his journey embodying a testament to the value of hard work, collaboration, and a positive work environment.

Let’s learn more about Phina.

What are your job responsibilities?

Make sure to watch the safety of my workers and also me included.
To make sure there is proper communication between my co-workers.
Be able to finish the job in time but also to make sure the job was done properly by the end of the day.
Make sure to provide information about what has happened in the field after completing up the job that was assigned to us.

When did you start working at Banner Environmental Services?


What do you like about Banner Environmental and the Environmental Services Industry?

Banner Environmental provides a better work environment, there is a system set in place, and the job itself provides us the proper tools to get our jobs done by the end of the day.

What is your toughest challenge at work?

The toughest challenge I’ve had at work was trying to finish a job that provided lots of energy in trying to cut parts where we are stuck in a tight working space meaning trying to do a job where you are stuck in a tight spot giving less space to move around. Even though it was difficult to move around in such a small tight space we were still able to finish the job on time by having coworkers all help assist each other in the working process.

What’s your best career advice?

My best advice is to not over exert yourself in the job position you are in, but also always communicate with the boss and your workers when working in the field cause you are not alone you are part of a working crew.

Who inspires you?

I would say it was my friends who had inspired me to pursue the career I have today.

What do most people not know about you?

There is not much to say about me besides the fact that I try my best to do what I am supposed to do for myself and for the people around me meaning that I focus on my roles of being a supervisor, a son, and a father.

What do you like to do for fun?

During free time outside of Banner, I love to go fishing, spend time at the beach or a lake anything revolving around spending time with nature but also have those days to go out to eat with my family.

What’s on your bucket list?

I would like to visit my home land again which is Cambodia, go out to eat and try new foods, and hope to visit Thailand when traveling to Cambodia.

What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside of Banner)?

I would say that becoming an official supervisor was an accomplishment that I am most proud of.

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