Select Demolition∙ Hospital Ceiling ∙Providence, RI

Banner Environmental was hired over the span of one weekend to perform select demolition on a very sensitive area in an active hospital corridor in Providence, RI.

select ceiling demolition-hospital-providence, rhode island

Select Demolition Steps for this Ceiling

Starting on Friday, our professional demolition team carefully and strategically opened a select area of the hospital ceiling to locate, access, and repair leaking pipes.

Mold Remediation in the Hospital’s Ceiling

During this project, we also identified, treated, and remediated any mold that was present because of the water leaks.

Patch, Paint, Clean … Looks Like Nothing Happened

At the close of the project, we patched, painted, and repaired the opening so that it looked like nothing ever happened and that area of the hospital could reopen by Monday morning. The client was extremely happy the work was performed in such a fast and efficient manner. It resulted in not only a fixed leak, mold remediation, and a repaired ceiling, there was also as little disruption as possible.

Need A Responsive Demolition Contractor?

Sometimes issues come up that need immediate attention. If this happens, do not hesitate to Contact Banner Environmental. Our team of demolition professionals is available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 866-934-2374.

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