Sponge-Jet Abrasive Blasting is a Sustainable, Safe, and Superior Surface Preparation

Why We Perform Sponge-Jet Abrasive Blasting On Certain Buildings and How it Works

Blast cleaning is an increasingly popular technique we use at Banner Environmental to remove particles of mill scale, dirt, and rust from steel surfaces. Sponge-Jet is a crucial blast-cleaning solution with plentiful benefits for various industries.

But what is sponge jet blasting, and how does it work? This article will go through the mechanisms, benefits, and purposes of Sponge-Jet Abrasive Blasting to help you understand when and where we will use this type of surface cleaning.

sponge-jet abrasive blasting and surface cleaning in Massachusetts and Rhode island ... great on old brick walls

What is Sponge-Jet?

Sponge-Jet abrasive blasting is a cleaning method that uses tiny sponge particles as an abrasive medium to rid surfaces of paint, rust, dirt, and other contaminants. Sponge-Jet allows for a dustless blasting process and minimizes pollutants contaminating air quality. Sponge-Jet cleaning has created a safer way to blast surfaces without causing harm to your environmental and public health.

How Does Sponge-Jet Cleaning Work?

Sponge-Jet cleaning uses synthetic sponges with embedded abrasive media to safely clean various surfaces with minimal dust residue. Once the synthetic sponges hit the surface, they flatten and begin stripping the surface of its contaminants, which fall to the ground instead of escaping into and polluting the air.

Sponge-Jet blasting is an essential solution to reduce and suppress fugitive emissions that would pollute the environment and cause unsafe working conditions. At the core of Sponge-Jet cleaning is the Sponge-Jet blasting media built to flatten on impact, where it expands to create a vacuum and entrap contaminants that, otherwise, would have become airborne.

What Are the Benefits of Sponge-Jet Cleaning?

Sponge-Jet cleaning has numerous benefits for buildings and the environment. We use Sponge-Jet cleaning because it creates less dust than other cleaning solutions. The Sponge-Jet cleaning method can capture up to 95 percent of the contaminants on a surface, making it an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Sponge-Jet cleaning is among the most environmentally responsible ways to strip and prep surfaces during the blasting process because the sponges are recyclable and reusable. Additionally, Sponge-Jet cleaning is a quicker solution than other types of blasting and far safer for surrounding building elements and equipment.

Sponge-Jet cleaning has a variety of additional benefits, including some listed below.

  • Decontaminating, absorbing, and decreasing health hazards
  • Encouraging safe work environments and improving worker health
  • Reducing the cost of blasting projects
  • Improving the reliability of schedule and budget
  • Lower-cost, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions
  • Supporting environmental initiatives

Sponge-Jet Cleaning Applications

Sponge-Jet’s superior blasting can be used for many different purposes and applications. Here are just a few:

  • Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Cleaning
  • Decontamination
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Flammable
  • Atmospheres
  • Historical Preservation (see the Sponge-Blasting work we did below to a historic brownstone in Providence, RI)
  • Marine Applications
  • Pipes & Pipelines
  • Structural Steel
  • Tanks

When We Will Choose Sponge-Jet Cleaning For A Project

Sponge-Jet cleaning is one of the best solutions because it saves us significant time and money on your projects while guaranteeing overall safety for our clients and team. Sponge-Jet cleaning also reduces up to 96 percent of waste and produces 98 percent less dust than other traditional abrasive blasting media techniques.

Above: Sponge-Jet Abrasive Blasting a Brownstone Building In Providence, RI

Photos From A Sponge-Jet Blasting Project in Providence, RI

Hire Banner Environmental For Your Sponge-Jet Cleaning Project

If you want a reliable and environmentally conscious Sponge-Jet cleaning for your building or equipment, call in professional help from Banner Environmental Services. All estimates and quotes are free.

We provide you with a team of trained professionals to serve customers located in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Greater Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Code, and Nantucket. Call the experts at Banner Environmental Services today for fast, eco-friendly support.

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