Wayne Greene, Operations Manager

Wayne Greene Operations Manager Banner Environmental

For Wayne Greene, every day at Banner Environmental is a new adventure. Stepping into his third year as the Operations Manager, Wayne seamlessly juggles a myriad of responsibilities – from overseeing the diligent field staff, managing inventory and the warehouse, to ensuring every project is executed on schedule. While some might feel overwhelmed by such a dynamic role, Wayne thrives on the unpredictable nature of the job. Each challenge, whether it’s a complex field situation or a logistical hiccup, provides him with an opportunity to think on his feet, a quality he deeply values.

Hard work, perseverance, and a hands-on approach carved Wayne’s path to leadership within Banner. Remembering his days as a field worker, he understands the grind, the grit, and the determination required on the ground. This experiential knowledge has not only earned him the respect of the field staff but also refined his approach to leadership. Wayne’s belief is rooted in experience; he emphasizes that to comprehend the environmental services industry truly and to earn genuine respect, one must first “get their feet dirty.” His brother Keith, a mentor who introduced him to the nuances of the field and subsequently to the Banner family, instilled in him a profound respect for the trade.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Banner, Wayne is unequivocally a family man. His pride and joy lie in the moments spent with his wife, children, and their beloved dogs. Whether it’s cheering at his kids’ soccer matches, playing a game of whiffle ball, or simply enjoying a round of mini-golf, these are the moments that truly define him. With dreams of exploring the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii and the Dominican Republic, Wayne’s life is a harmonious blend of professional dedication and heartfelt family moments. At Banner, he pushes for excellence, but at home, he revels in the simple joys of life. Both realms, however, are driven by his unyielding passion and commitment.

Let’s learn more about Wayne.

What are your job responsibilities?

Over seeing field staff. Over seeing warehouse and vehicles. Inventory. Schedule for the week. Over seeing jobs making sure there done on time.

When did you start working at Banner Environmental Services?


What do you like about Banner Environmental and the Environmental Services Industry?

Every day is different so it’s not the same all the time. Some jobs are more difficult than others and challenging. I like having to think about the situation on the fly and figuring it out.

What is your toughest challenge at work?

Toughest challenge at work getting the respect from the field staff. I was a field guy before I’ve done the work they have done I showed them I can do the work and get dirty.

What’s your best career advice?

Get your feet dirty first. Learn the trade in the field aspect before you take a office job. Everything looks good on paper. But until you know what the guys are going through because you have done the work. You will understand more and get more RESPECT.

Who inspires you?

My brother Keith. I used to work under him years ago and he’s taught me everything I know. He introduced me to Banner and my career is here.

What do most people not know about you?

I’m a family guy all the way. I do everything with my family. I enjoy going to my kids sports from soccer,baseball, horseback riding ,gymnastics.

What do you like to do for fun?

Fun things wiffle ball with the kids. Shooting basketball. Bring kids mini golf

What’s on your bucket list?

Go to Hawaii and the DR

What accomplishment are you most proud of (inside or outside of Banner)?

Inside at Banner would be how I’ve been moving up the ladder. Some days are easier than others, but I truly enjoy working here. Stephen and Stephanie are truly amazing people. Outside of Banner is having a wonderful home and having a great wife and kids including the dogs.

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