Customer Service Inside and Out

Environmental Home InspectionWe recently performed a routine environmental assessment in a residence for potential new buyers. The buyers really appreciated our customer service and attention to detail in our office and the expertise and professionalism from the team on-site too.

Kym Mahoney, our Client Relations Manager, led the customer through the process from inquiry to results, and oversaw the entire experience. Kym works in our Avon office and manages scheduling appointments, handling collections, applying for any necessary permits and/or completing applications with the State.

Each customer has different expectations and circumstances and we try to ensure that they are satisfied and happy with Banner Environmental Services. We did just that based on this email we received shortly after completing the assessment:

I want you to know that your team really made a difference in our lives today and we could not have gotten through it without your immediate response and your personal attention to caring about and acknowledging the painful experiences connected with the inspection outcomes. We thought this would be our new home and now we are moving to a better place and have you to thank for all your information provided. 

We want customers to feel that they have had a terrific experience from setting up their first appointment to receiving their closing paperwork, and are pleased that we could leave this client feeling assured of the process and results.

If you need more information on our residential environmental inspection services, contact us today.

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