Expert Asbestos Abatement in Bellingham, MA: Banner Environmental’s Precision in Action

In Bellingham, MA, a seemingly minor yet significant environmental hazard lurked within the confines of a local home’s basement. Spanning across two rooms, approximately 170 square feet of presumed asbestos-containing floor tile and mastic presented a health risk to the occupants. Recognizing the urgency and potential danger of the situation, the homeowners turned to the […]

attic vermiculite asbestos-insulation removal norfolk ma

A Challenging Attic Asbestos Insulation Removal in Norfolk, MA

In the quaint neighborhood of Norfolk, MA, a single-family residential home stood with a hidden challenge lurking within its attic. The problem? Approximately 550 square feet of presumed asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation. This project was not just about removing insulation but also restoring a household’s safety and peace of mind. With our expertise in dealing with […]

barn demolition hanover, ma

Preserving History Through Demolition: The Hanover, MA Barn Project

In the heart of Hanover, Massachusetts, a unique demolition project unfolded that showcased not just the expertise of Banner Environmental Services but also our commitment to preserving history. The task was the complete demolition and disposal of an old barn, a project that would typically be straightforward for our seasoned team. However, this project presented […]

mastic tile removal massachusetts middle school

Banner Environmental Leads Asbestos Abatement and Mastic Tile Removal at Massachusetts Middle School

We recently undertook a significant project at a Massachusetts middle school, demonstrating our expertise in asbestos abatement and selective demolition. The task was intricate: the removal of 2,000 sqft of mastic tile, a material known for its potential asbestos content. This project was not just about renovation—it was about ensuring a safe learning environment for […]

Successful Residential Asbestos Tile and Mastic Abatement in Brockton, MA

Successful Residential Asbestos Tile and Mastic Abatement in Brockton, MA

At Banner Environmental Services, we recently completed a significant asbestos abatement project in a residential home in Brockton, MA. With over 25 years of experience in environmental services, our team was well-equipped to handle this challenging task, ensuring safety and compliance throughout the process. Asbestos Tile and Mastic Abatement in Brockton, MA – Project Scope […]

asbestos abatement transit-shingle removal quincy ma

Safe Asbestos Abatement: Transite Shingle Removal in Quincy, MA

In the heart of Quincy, Massachusetts, approximately 10,000 square feet of transite shingles needed to be removed from a rooftop on Linden St. It might have sounded like a daunting task, but when you have Banner Environmental, your trusted asbestos abatement company in Massachusetts and Rhode Islane, on the job, it became an achievable mission. […]

asbestos-contaminated vermiculite removal lowell, ma

Safeguarding Health: How Banner Environmental Services Tackled Asbestos-Contaminated Vermiculite in Lowell, MA

Banner Environmental Services was recently entrusted with the critical task of removing asbestos-contaminated vermiculite in a Lowell, MA residence. Asbestos poses significant health risks, and the safe management of such hazardous materials requires the expertise and experience that Banner Environmental Services brings to the table. What Is Vermiculite? Vermiculite, a naturally occurring mineral, is widely […]

Complete and Total Demolition of Memorial Park Elementary School Rockland MA

Memorial Park Elementary School Demolition Project • Rockland, MA

A Leader In Demolition Services Across Massachusetts & Rhode Island Banner Environmental Services is well known as a leading provider of environmental and demolition services, specializing in commercial and industrial projects in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. With our skilled team of professionals, we are committed to delivering top-quality solutions while adhering to strict safety and […]

fall river ma mill conversion: asbestos abatement, selective demolition, renovation, debris and waste clean-up - banner environmental services before and after pictures

Fall River Mill Conversion to a New Self-Storage Facility

Banner Environmental Services was hired to assist with the conversion of a mill in Fall River, Massachusetts into a new self-storage facility. The project involved a significant amount of debris removal and demolition, as well as asbestos abatement. Interior Debris Clean-up, Selective Demolition, and Waste Removal Before the conversion could begin, the space needed to […]

mold remediation, removal and mitigation. water damage repair. college housing unit in boston ma

Water Damage Repair & Mold Remediation • College Housing Unit in Boston, MA

Mold Problem for a College Housing Unit in Boston, MA Mold is a common problem that arises from water damage. When moisture levels are high, mold spores can grow and spread quickly, resulting in a range of health problems for the occupants of the affected building. In this case, a college housing unit in Boston, […]

lifespan hospital basement remodel before after pics

Hospital Basement Cleanup and Renovation∙Providence, RI

As part of an ongoing client engagement with a hospital in Providence, RI – which previously included select ceiling demolition – Banner Environmental was tasked to clean up the hospital’s basement. Basement Cleanup Activities The activities performed included: The before and after pictures show a dramatic transformation that made the client very happy. Need A […]

asbestos testing services massachusetts rhode island - banner environmental services

Asbestos Abatement ∙ North Falmouth, MA

Asbestos Abatement Project in North Falmouth, MA Banner Environmental was hired for an Asbestos Abatement project in North Falmouth, MA. Here is the client review: Our small asbestos removal job was handled efficiently and as promised. I was especially thankful for the support of Patti, in the office, who always got right back to me […]

church basement asbestos abatement reading, ma

Church Basement Asbestos Abatement ∙ Reading, MA

Banner Environmental successfully completed a basement asbestos abatement and removal project for a church in Reading, MA. Our professional asbestos abatement team performed our five-step process in addressing asbestos at the church: Asbestos Abatement Asbestos Testing Asbestos Survey Asbestos Removal Asbestos Disposal We performed select demolition of a stage, some walls, and a drop ceiling. […]

interior demolition 140 clarendon st boston, ma

Boston Interior Demolition | 140 Clarendon St.

140 Clarendon St. Boston, MA Contracted Banner Environmental Services to do interior demolition work on the building in various locations. The Banner Environmental Team dismantled the interior of the structure in a safe manner, while preserving the exterior portion and other areas not scheduled for demolition. 140 Clarendon St. interior demolition project included the demolition […]

wilmington, ma

Neighbors Raise Concerns During Demolition Project

A bit of citizen action has helped prevent the furthering of some disruptive and dangerous demolition in Wilmington, MA recently. It’s not atypical for demolition projects to occur, but for neighbors to be the flag raisers at the first signs of improper handling of hazardous materials, is a unique scenario. That’s what happened at 13 […]


Customer Testimonials

Want to hear what a few of our customers have had to say about us? These testimonials have us blushing! Banner Environmental is a great example of highly professional approach, excellent service and competitive pricing. Nicole in the office was great at setting our expectations and clearly communicating on each step of the process. Banner’s […]

Environmental Home Inspection

Customer Service Inside and Out

We recently performed a routine environmental assessment in a residence for potential new buyers. The buyers really appreciated our customer service and attention to detail in our office and the expertise and professionalism from the team on-site too. Kym Mahoney, our Client Relations Manager, led the customer through the process from inquiry to results, and […]

Demolition Project

Banner Environmental Services Supports Starr Development’s Restoration Project in Fall River

In case you missed it, we recently shared a recap on the project that focused on bringing life back to the Cornell Mill in Fall River. The mill, built in the 1800’s, is a 192,000 sq foot old cotton mill which operated until the Depression. By July of next year, the Mill will be restored […]

Pittsfield Image

Exposing the Dangers of Improper Asbestos Removal

It is no secret that asbestos is dangerous. However, time and time again, negligent actions are amplifying the dangers to others. Asbestos, which was commonly used as insulation on older houses, can produce airborne particles that when inhaled can lead to lung damage. When asbestos is removed improperly or discarded of in improper ways, the […]

brookline asbestos

Asbestos Found During Renovation Work at Brookline Residential Property

The importance of partnering with a licensed asbestos removal service such as Banner Environmental Services is continuously played out in reports across the media. Several times a year a company is hit with hefty fines and headlines cross newspapers stating several asbestos violations have been found and that the proper procedures were not followed. Most […]

Meet us at the Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Show & Conference

We are getting set to exhibit at the 12th Annual Northeast Buildings & Facilities Management Show & Conference happening next Wednesday and Thursday, June 14th and 15th at the Boston Convention Center.  Visit us in booth #617. Register online now to receive free lunch and parking, at There will be over 250 exhibitors displaying products […]

Failing the Grade with Asbestos is Not an Option

In 2015, a new report was published entitled, Failing the Grade: Asbestos in America’s Schools, from the office of U.S. Senator Edward Markey (D-MA). The report states that two-thirds of the school districts across 15 states have acknowledged the presence of asbestos in their schools. What became apparent in the report is that asbestos brings […]

Asbestos Removal Done Right and Oh-So-Wrong

Despite asbestos being outlawed as a construction material in the United States decades ago, it’s still rampant in existing structures, causing a nightmare situation in renovation and demolition projects. In most states, like Massachusetts, it’s mandated that a licensed asbestos abatement professional handles the removal of the highly-dangerous material. Older buildings and homes are often […]

The Mysteries of Mold: Part 1

There are elements of our natural world that are sweet and pleasant, while others tend to be more detrimental. With the negative health effects… mold happens to fall closer to the later. Molds are part of the natural environment in which we live. Outdoors, mold plays an active role to break down and decompose dead, […]

Cornell Mill Blog

Former Cotton Mill Restoration Involves Asbestos Window Glazing Removal

Old buildings often contain hazardous materials in places you may not think about. That’s the case in the Cornell Mill in Falls River, MA., which is undergoing a renovation. The former cotton mill, built in the late 1800s, will become 101 market rate housing units. The granite building has some great features like hardwood flooring, […]

Banner Environmental Services Review

Banner Environmental Services Residential Asbestos Abatement Project Gets 5 Stars

We recently completed a residential asbestos abatement project for one of our customers and he was kind enough to share his experience with Banner Environmental Services on our Facebook page, rating our company as 5 stars. Thank you Lenny! Banner Environmental is a great example of highly professional approach, excellent service and competitive pricing. Nicole […]

Boston Building gets Asbestos Abatement and Converts to Housing

For Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, a large building is seeing a transformation. The Verizon building on Harrison Avenue is being converted into apartments and perhaps eventually condominiums. The $14 million project required a large asbestos abatement, which Banner Environmental Services provided. Next, Banner Environmental Services will focus on the interior demolition. The top three floors of […]

pain-free abatement

Pain-free Abatement

We love receiving feedback like this from our satisfied customers. Check out what Lauren in Plymouth, MA had to say about her recent engagement with Banner Environmental for an abatement job. “I needed 260 hideous square feet of 1967 flooring removed from my house, so I called a bunch of local abatement companies. Banner Environmental […]