Fall River Mill Conversion to a New Self-Storage Facility

Banner Environmental Services was hired to assist with the conversion of a mill in Fall River, Massachusetts into a new self-storage facility. The project involved a significant amount of debris removal and demolition, as well as asbestos abatement.

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Interior Debris Clean-up, Selective Demolition, and Waste Removal

Before the conversion could begin, the space needed to be cleared of debris left behind by several businesses that had previously occupied the mill. Banner Environmental Services was responsible for any small-scale, selective demolition and then cleaning out all of the debris that had accumulated in the space, both inside and outside of the building. Banner also removed demising partition walls and flooring coverings that were no longer needed for the new self-storage facility. 

Asbestos Abatement and Removal from the Mill

Because Banner Environmental Services is a company that specializes in environmental remediation and industrial cleaning services, so we were tasked with managing the asbestos abatement and removal process. This involved identifying and testing the presence of asbestos-containing materials, developing a plan for safe removal, and ensuring the proper disposal of asbestos and any other regulated materials and hazardous waste according to local regulations.

Asbestos is a hazardous material commonly used in construction prior to the 1980s, which can cause serious health problems if inhaled. Proper removal and disposal of asbestos is crucial to ensure the safety of workers and anyone who may come into contact with the material.

Exterior Debris Clean-up and Waste Removal

The exterior of the building also required significant attention. Banner cleared away debris and overgrown vegetation surrounding the mill and removed all exterior signs, awnings, and staircases that were no longer needed for the new use of the building.

Call In The Experts In Mill Conversion Projects

In conclusion, Banner Environmental Services played a vital role in preparing the mill for its conversion into a self-storage facility. These services included removing debris, demolishing partition walls and flooring coverings, performing asbestos abatement, and clearing the exterior of the building. Our expertise in environmental remediation and industrial cleaning services helped ensure the project was completed safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

If you have a mill conversion project or are needing demolition and clean-up services for your commercial/industrial building, contact Banner Environmental. We can help make your project a success. 

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