interior demolition 140 clarendon st boston, ma

Boston Interior Demolition | 140 Clarendon St.

140 Clarendon St. Boston, MA Contracted Banner Environmental Services to do interior demolition work on the building in various locations. The Banner Environmental Team dismantled the interior of the structure in a safe manner, while preserving the exterior portion and other areas not scheduled for demolition. 140 Clarendon St. interior demolition project included the demolition […]

basement mold remediation services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

What You Need to Know Before Basement Mold Remediation: Dangers, Treatments, and Costs

Did you know that mold can cause sneezing, asthma attacks, eye irritation, and rashes? One of the most common areas of the house for mold to grow is the basement. Basements are prone to leaky foundations, leaks from appliances, and having high humidity levels.  Have you noticed black mold on basement walls? Do you think […]

Asbestos Services for Schools

We Partner with Schools to Provide Asbestos Remediation Services

The presence of asbestos is no walk in the park for anyone, but for schools it is an even greater burden. As with any asbestos remediation project there is a need to carefully remove the hazardous material all while protecting the surrounding environment and ensuring no asbestos fibers are released into the air. According to […]


3 Ways to be More Environmentally Proactive

As we can all agree, weather as we know is continually changing. This continual evolution of weather could easily be described as destabilized, and it is impacting our environment. Here at Banner Environmental we believe that being environmentally proactive is important to being a good neighbor in a community. One of the key statements to […]

Asbestos in Schools

New England Schools Granted Funds for Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is a dangerous material and exposure to it can cause serious health issues including mesothelioma cancer. Unfortunately, asbestos was used as a wide-spread construction material prior to 1980 to increase durability and fire resistance – a time when any health risk associated with the substance was unknown. Given that almost half of the schools […]

flood cleanup

Recovering from Flood Damage: 3 Things You Should Know About Gray or Black Water

The recent string of devastating natural disasters across North America had us in the environmental remediation industry thinking a lot about gray and black water. There’s many ways gray or black water can occur – but the primary cause in a residence is due to flooding from rainwater leaks, groundwater intrusion, pipe bursts, sewage back-ups, […]

wilmington, ma

Neighbors Raise Concerns During Demolition Project

A bit of citizen action has helped prevent the furthering of some disruptive and dangerous demolition in Wilmington, MA recently. It’s not atypical for demolition projects to occur, but for neighbors to be the flag raisers at the first signs of improper handling of hazardous materials, is a unique scenario. That’s what happened at 13 […]

Hiring Contractors

What to Ask When Hiring an Asbestos Contractor for Removal and Abatement

Hiring an asbestos contractor can be an intimidating task for many people. What are the questions one should be asking? What are the primary considerations? Where does one begin? We’ve established the three baseline questions we encourage everyone to ask a potential asbestos contractor. 1.) Is the asbestos contractor licensed? This perhaps is the most […]


Customer Testimonials

Want to hear what a few of our customers have had to say about us? These testimonials have us blushing! Banner Environmental is a great example of highly professional approach, excellent service and competitive pricing. Nicole in the office was great at setting our expectations and clearly communicating on each step of the process. Banner’s […]