Why it’s Vital to Hire a Licensed Asbestos Contractor

Throughout the country, there are federal laws pertaining to the removal of hazardous waste products, including asbestos. There are variances in state laws, but Massachusetts thankfully has strictly regulated laws and regulations for the safety of the population of our Commonwealth. There are specific, strict, and detailed regulations around removal of asbestos in the home, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Labor Standards strongly regulate against the use of unlicensed contractors, or unlicensed homeowners, from attempting abatement, removal or remediation.

why hire a contractor for removing asbestosBefore any renovations or demolition, the job site must be assessed and surveyed. State licensed firms, such as Banner Environmental Services (Banner), can complete this task for you. Banner will conduct a detailed survey of the site, identify any areas where asbestos may be present or suspect. Banner will collect representative samples, analyze the samples, and determine the level and quantity for removal/abatement. Banner will provide a detailed cost breakout and once expected, Banner will perform the tasks in a timely, clean and compliant manner.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Department of Labor Standards (DLS) must be notified with 10 days of notification before any abatement activities. All asbestos must first be removed and a third party clearance must be obtained before any demolition or renovation projects can occur. A licensed and responsible contractor like Banner Environmental Services can walk you through both the strategy and timeline so you can plan your contracting accordingly.

Asbestos is a hazardous waste, and must be disposed of as such. There are strict regulations and laws in both the removal/abatement, as well as the disposal of asbestos containing material (ACM). ACM must be appropriately wetted, packed, labeled, double bagged, and sealed in a specific leak proof container. Before transportation of these materials, the Department of Transportation must be notified. Additionally, a Waste Shipment Record is required, and this must be signed by the facility owner, asbestos abatement contractor, transporter, and disposal site operator.

We at Banner Environmental Services, with our experiences and committed team, have dedicated our careers to safely removing and disposing of hazardous materials including asbestos containing material. Banner is dedicated to the air safety of our state, and of its residents, and can facilitate this process in the most efficient manner for all parties.

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