Before & After: Asbestos Remediation

asbestos basementWhen we received a call that there was a potential for harmful substances, including asbestos and waste in a residential basement, we knew we’d be able to help.

Our responsive team assessed the situation and concluded that asbestos was present. They then immediately secured the area containing the asbestos to prevent any additional exposure to other areas of the home. Equipped with the proper certifications/ resources, tools, and training our team was able to quickly and efficiently remove the hazardous materials, including asbestos, and auxiliary waste to restore the basement and residence to a safe and livable space.

Check out the before and after images of this particular asbestos remediation project above.
In a different situation, the owner could have forgone calling an environmental services company, resulting in more harm done. When harmful materials are handled without the proper precautions and tools, it can accelerate the damage and contamination to surfaces, the air and people. What could be hidden from plain sight can have lasting effects if not handled properly. In addition to home remediation projects like this one, we also specialize in commercial environmental services’ applications. Complete, interior, and select demolition services are also available. All of our services are provided with assurance that safety is implemented every step of the way – including the work site and surrounding area.

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